• How to install Blackhawk Anchor system on kayak

    A must have for all kayaks and canoes. Easy to install, only requires a screwdriver. Complete set, no need to buy anything else. Stay at your favorite fishing spot.   View Post
  • 2019 New Motorised Fishing Kayak

    2019 New Motorised Fishing Kayak Removable hard seat with adjustable back angle for long time comfort sitting. 3 large storage hatches with lock, store your accessories and fishes. 5 built-in gear rails, compatible with RAM and SCOTTY accessories system. Adjustable foot pedal controlled rudde... View Post
  • Blackhawk 1.8M Kid Kayak

    The Kid’s small kayak provides a stable paddling platform to keep your child safe. Light weight and compaction make transportation easy. It is perfect for kid’s recreational kayaking. This little kayak is responsive and stable, good for lakes, ocean bay and slow rivers. Includes great features li... View Post