• The mighty fishing Pelican

    There are many fishing kayaks in the market, but none of them as good as Pelican. Why? 3.6m long makes it can go anywhere you want, river, lake, bay and even off shore. Low positioned hard seat is stable and comfortable for long time kayaking. Gear tracks all around the kayak so you can mount ton... View Post
  • Kingfisher MK2 is now in stock

    Kingfisher MK2 is the second generation of our compact fishing kayak. After 3 years of selling the first generation, we received many feedbacks. When designing the MK2, we have added some most wanted features such as hard seat, fish finder mount, gear track and large storage hatch, yet still keep... View Post
  • Kingfisher Stable & fun to use

    I have had this kayak for 2 years and have fished in estuary, dam, and open ocean. I've also done an overnight camping trip. I have added a rear hatch, fish finder, and safety pole. The only problem I have had was fishing in meter plus swell. My weight (85kgs) caused the skin behind the center ha... View Post