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Skating has long been associated with inner city streets, but did you know that the sport originated by the waves? Surfers originally decided to add wheels to their wooden boards when surf was flat, making way for the invention of skateboarding. After the initial skateboards were created, modern boards were modified and improved to suit city and street conditions. Now, millions of people across the world have adopted the sport of skateboarding and the lifestyle that comes with it. Skating has even been added to the 2020 Olympics and recognised as a serious and competitive sport.

At Blackhawk Outdoor, we’ve got all that you need to get started on your skating journey. Our skateboard shop features a full range of high quality boards, equipment and tools to help you become the best skater you can be.


Best Selling Skateboards

Our best selling skateboards, the 31x8" MUSIC LIFE, 31x8" ZOMBIE GIRL, 31x8" KILL ZOMBIE and 41x9.5" SURFING GIRL, feature edgy designs, sturdy construction and high quality components to facilitate smooth and effortless skating. Designed for first-time skaters through to more experienced and advanced skaters, our best selling boards make it easy to improve your skills, try out new tricks or pick up skating in no time.