Sea To Summit Camp Plus Self Inflating Sleeping Mat




The Camp Plus S.I. is designed to provide maximum comfort for people chasing a versatile all around sleeping mat. Combining robust and durable 75D fabrics with the unique Delta Coring technique allows the removal of over 40% of foam for a compact do-it-all mat. Built thicker than the original Camp Mat S.I. and using horizontal Delta Coring, the Camp Plus S.I. provides great value, durability and comfort. The 75D polyester makes for a tougher, more abrasion resistant base, while at 7.5cm thick, the Camp Plus S.I. provides ample cushioning for even the boniest of hips. The high 4.3 R-value also means you can use it all year round. All Sea to Summit self-inflating mats feature a unique, multi-function reversible single valve, designed specifically for self-inflating mats. No more fighting re-inflation as you roll up your mat! Available in two tapered sizes and two wider, more generously shaped rectangular sizes.


Plus size super thick all-season camp mat

Delta Coring removes over 40% of the foam to reduce weight and bulk without compromising durability

Robust and abrasion resistant 75D polyester shell fabric with extrusion laminated TPU

7.5cm thickness, R-value 4.3 ASTM F3340-18

Multi-function, high flow-rate reversible valve

Featuring the same Delta Core profile as Comfort Plus S.I. Mats

PillowLock attaches your Aeros pillow to your mat, holding it in place for a slip-free sleep

Includes self-adhesive puncture repair kit

Package Includes

  • 1x Camp Plus Self Inflating Mat
  • Specification

    Reg: 7.5 x 51 x 183cm, 880g
    Rec Wide: 7.5 x 64 x 183cm, 1220g
    Large: 7.5 x 64 x 198cm, 1185g
    Rec Large: 7.5 x 64 x 201cm, 1355g