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Marlin Kayak Canoe Multifit PFD




No summer trip is ever complete without some water-based activities. They are the great Australian pastime and something that all the family can enjoy. So be safe on the water this summer with the Kayak PFD 50, Dual Fit. This red personal flotation device will give you the confidence you need in the water. It is specially-designed for kayaking and canoeing, with its compact and lightweight design ensuring you remain safe while still remaining aerodynamic in the water. This also makes it the perfect accompaniment to any camping trip, as you can transport it in your bags with minimal hassle and fuss. In terms of safety, this is guaranteed with Australian Standard AS4758 certification. This is the ultimate tick of approval and indicative of a rigorous testing process before hitting the shelf. The bright fabric design will ensure you are easily spotted, perfect in the case of an emergency. The personal flotation device is suited for people with a body mass in excess of 40 kilograms. So if you are thinking about a day on the kayaks or canoes, whether it be in a lake or river, make sure you give yourself peace of mind with the Kayak PFD 50 Dual Fit.


  • Designed for kayaking, canoeing and other paddle water-sports
  • Neoprene Collar.
  • Super comfortable, lightweight and short fitting for arm paddling movement.
  • Australian Standards AS4758.1
  • Package Includes

  • 1x Marlin Kayak Canoe Multifit PFD
  • Specification

    Material: Polyester
    PFD Level: Level 50/60N
    Body Mass: 40kg and Over
    Chest: 97-165cm