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Cressi Tracina Mens 3.5mm Dive 2Pcs Wetsuit




The Cressi Tracina is a spearfishing specific wetsuit that is a 3.5mm in thickness which is ideal for many areas around Australia. It includes a hooded jacket with a re-enforced loading pad for a more comfortable load with high waisted pants that have durable knee pad and both pieces come with an open cell inner. Open cell suits are extremely warm and keep you warmer than the average neoprene inner. Imaging millions of suction cups that are on the inside of the suit that when they feel skin, they suction on to give a snug fit. Open cell suits including the Cressi Tracina need to be put on using a lubricant as if put on without, the inner material will tear. A great lubricant is hair conditioner mixed with water in a bottle. Mix the 2 together, coat the suit inner and your body to have an easy on and off.

It is a brown camouflage print that gives you the best chance of blending in to the ocean floor to hunt for that ultimate catch. The idea of the camouflage suit is to become invisible underwater so to use it correctly and get the most out of the camo print you are to dive down to the ocean floor and lay and wait for the fish to come to you. Breath hold is so incredibly important and spearfishing is not as good when you haven’t mastered your breath hold. Depending on your breath hold and diving depths will determine where you want to be diving, however starting off shallow where you can maximize the camo suit will allow you to hunt to your best ability. When you are laying on the ocean floor, the fish will have no idea you are there and come in closer than you could imagine.


3.5mm Neoprene in thickness

2 Piece Camoflage wetsuit

Hooded Jacket With High Waisted Pants

Open Cell Inner (Must use lubricant)

Re-inforced Durable Knee Pads

Watertight Seals

Non-slip Loading Pad

Keeps you warm

Prevents stingers and sunburn


Must use a lubricant to put on - If no lubricant is used, the suits inner will tear easily

Clean in fresh water after every use to remove salt water and sand

Use wetsuit wash to clean

Lay flat to dry - Do not hang

Do not leave in direct sunlight

Flip wrists and ankle over before putting on to take pressure off seams

Package Includes

  • 1 x Cressi Tracina 3.5mm Wetsuit
  • Specification

    Size S: Weight: 58-65kg, Height: 168-175cm, Chest: 87-92cm, Waist: 71-74cm, Hip: 80-85cm
    Size M: Weight: 63-78kg, Height: 170-178cm, Chest: 92-98cm, Waist: 74-78cm, Hip: 80-85cm
    Size L: Weight: 75-85kg, Height: 175-183cm, Chest: 98-103cm, Waist: 78-83cm, Hip: 88-93cm
    Size XL: Weight: 83-95kg, Height: 177-186cm, Chest: 103-107cm, Waist: 83-87cm, Hip: 95-98cm
    Size XXL: Weight: 88-100kg, Height: 179-192cm, Chest: 107-110cm, Waist: 87-93cm, Hip: 98-103cm
    Size XXXL: Weight: 95-110kg, Height: 181-196cm, Chest: 110-114cm, Waist: 93-97cm, Hip: 102-107cm