• 10'6" Bondihawk All-rounder JG
  • 10'6" Bondihawk All-rounder JG
  • 10'6" Bondihawk All-rounder JG

10'6" Bondihawk All-rounder JG



If you are like most SUP fanatics, you surely want one board that can float on flat water and surf on waves. Here we give you the mighty Bondihawk. It is a versatile board that can perform equally well in both flat water and choppy or wave conditions. It is also a board that is easy to use, and a board that your skills can grow with.

With the medium rocker in the nose, single to double concave and right kick at the tail, Bondihawk will track straight in all conditions.The 31″ width and thicker rails give greater stability while the overall narrow shape glides quickly thru the water for a smooth, fast paddle. The Bondihawk is reinforced with a wood stringer making this board extra rigid for a sturdy feel under your feet.

Bondihawk collection is available in a 10′6 and 11′6 and with spray color or premium bamboo veneer available. We are sure you will find one that is just perfect for you.

Premium bamboo and fiber glass.

High quality EPS/EPOXY construction.

Thruster fin settings.

Best hybrid SUP with best material and craftsmanship.


Size: 10'6 x 31" x 4 1/2"
Volume: 175L
Material: EPS/EPOXY
Weight: 12kg
Max Load: 100kg
Fin Settings: 2x FCS style side fins 1x Center Fin

What is in this box ?

- One SUP board and fins
- One matching bag
- One adjustable paddle
- One matching leash