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Quality Camper Trailers in Sydney

Embark on an adventure across Sydney, New South Wales or Australia with a camper trailer in tow. Providing you with comfort, storage and function, camper trailers open up a world of opportunity once you set up camp.

Explore the range of quality camper trailers online at Blackhawk Outdoor. Stocking a variety of camping accessories and essentials, we’ve got all you need to get geared up and ready for your next camping trip. With over eight years of expertise and strict quality control standards in place, you can feel confident in our huge range of products.


Selecting the Right Camper Trailer

When it comes to selecting the right camper trailer, you need to consider your style of camping and the capabilities and functionality you need. Guided by your budget, you can narrow down your options by ticking off design and practical features.

At Blackhawk Outdoor, we make it easy to find the right camper trailer. With a full list of specifications and prices online, you’re able to weigh up your options to see which camper trailer comes out on top. For personalised advice on the features and differences of each of our trailers and what they mean for you, just contact our team.


On and Off Road Capabilities

Camping isn’t about sticking to flat roads and tracks. From navigating your way through rugged slopes to adventuring through shallow bodies of water, the Australian landscape encourages you to find some of the best and most memorable spots to set up camp. And, without off road capabilities, your camper trailer is almost useless.

That’s why, at Blackhawk Outdoor, we stock an extensive range of high quality camper trailers with demonstrated on and off road performance for smooth and efficient navigation. Explore our Cruiser, Explorer and Discovery campers and gear up for your next adventure.


Cruiser Camper

A combination of great design, clever engineering, comfortable amenities and tough off road capabilities, the Cruiser camper is one of the most family and beginner-friendly camper trailers on the market. Lightweight at only 900kg, it can be easily towed by most SUVs. Stylish and compact, explore Australia with all that you need behind you.


Discovery Camper

Well designed, functional and reliable, the Discovery camper comes standard with two beds, a sitting lounge, boat rack, electric brake and more. Ideal for the entire family, this camper allows you to store anything and everything you need for the perfect camping trip.


Explorer Camper

Our top of the range camper trailer, the Explorer camper features a Smev stove, shower tent, portable gas heater, solar panel, dual batteries, storage cover and a plethora of other practical features. One of the best value campers on the market, it features serious off road capabilities to accompany you on every adventure.


Shop Camper Trailers Online

Looking at purchasing a camper trailer? Explore our Cruiser, Explorer and Discovery camper trailers online and learn more about simple, convenient and comfortable camping.

Plus, when you shop with Blackhawk Outdoor, you’re getting the most affordable and competitive prices on our full range of quality camper trailers. Don’t settle for anything but the best – shop for your next camper trailer in Sydney or online.

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